The latest news about Zhou Jie (2001/10/15 related by Rose)

The following points relay Zhou Jie's latest situation and his regards to everyone.

1. The environment of Peach Blossom Island is very primitive. Since his parts are few, work is not as hectic as "Huan Zhu" and "Young Bao" before. Zhou Jie said that everything about him is fine, he will be totally immersed in filming, please rest assured.

2. The Peach Blossom Island has become a major tourist spot, the crowds are not attracted by the beautiful surroundings, but by the bright "stars" of the "Heron Hunters" (She Diao) series. It's reported that they are selling tickets to the Island. ^.^

3. Zhou Jie went back to Beijing a few days ago for promotional purposes, but just stayed a day and hurried back. So he didn't get a chance to geton the web to say hi to us all.

4. Mr. Jin Yong (author of Heron Hunter) visited Peach Blossom Island yesterday, and Zhou Jie, who happened to be free, took up the job of entertaining Mr. Jin for a long while. But Mr. Jin did not feel well, and took off yesterday afternoon to recuperate in NingBo, ZheJiang.

5. After filming on Peach Blossom Island, if he gets to return to Beijing, he said he will get on the web site and have a good chat with all of us.

In our conversation, Zhou Jie was very concerned about us all, asked if everyone is OK several times, what's happening in the US? How Taiwan is recovering from the flooding......, you all report to him yourselves, are you all well?!

In addition, I've related all the postings and messages of concern and suggestions to Zhou Jie, everything's OK.

I'm not a conversationalist, I can't sweet talk in front of the right person. But here, in the presence all of you, I want to say ~~ I'm really getting to like Zhou Jie more and more, I do like him more!