Zhou Jie's Words for us(10)

1999/04/22 at 19:00:41(GMT+8)

This afternoon, I declined all engagements so as to come on the web to see your messages. Since I know that last night was the premier for "Huan Zhu" part II on television. Although I couldn't watch the show with you, my heart did fly back to Taiwan to be with you. I love Qiong Yao, I love "Huan Zhu" , and I love everyone of you more. The success of "Huan Zhu" belongs to Qiong Yao. It also belongs to me, and to all of us. I saw all of your messages at once. Indeed, I am just happy as a mouse~~

I like to forget all troubles and open a bottle of champagne to celebrate. I going to close the door and not let anyone disturb. I'll enjoy this warmth and happiness all by myself. Don't worry! I am not lonely. I'll take my wine cup and invite all the web friends. And we'll sing bottoms up together. Haha..., Li Bai will be so tee'd off by me. *

I want to see part II so... much!!

Zhou Jie wrote at night in Beijing

*Note: Zhou Jie's last sentence is a play on 2 verses of the famous Li Bai's poem about drinking with friends under the moon.