Zhou Jie's Words for us(11)

1999/04/29 at 22:39:31(GMT+8)

Wow! It is boisterous on the guestbook. I flew to Shanghai for couple of days without getting on the net. I am so glad that I see more new friends here. How are you? Did you miss me? "Huan Zhu" part II is mighty good, right? I am sorry for asking two silly questions in a row. Indeed, I hope that I can see the show with you every day. I heard that the show is already on its 5th episode. Can you see the program everyday? Including Saturday and Sunday? HahaˇKˇK, now it's my turn to wait in patience.

I saw one message from the guestbook, "The contents of the series part II is not as good as part I." How come? Please don't forget that it only on its 5th episode. One saying goes, "The best is yet to come!" You also know that aunt Qiong Yao is a great professional in script writing. All her works are excellent. Besides, the whole crew also worked so hard together, how can we let you down? So, please don't doubt it! Trust your Er Kang. Anyway, I am totally confident of this play. If you missed this show just because you doubted it, don't come crying for that afterwards. I also like to send my gratitude to all the officers and friends of "Xin You Qin Qin Jie" . "Thanks for your hard work". Zhou Jie thanks you. Er Kang does too. I wonˇ¦t forget what you have done for me, for aunt Qion Yao, and for ˇ§ Huan Zhu Ge Ge" . I'm sticking it to bottom of my heart. Please keep up the support for me, for aunt, and for "Huan Zhu Ge Ge". You are my pride, and I want to be yours too, forever. "Trust me. You won't be disappointed."

We should all gear up, for me, for you, for everybody!