Zhou Jie's Words for us(12)

1999/05/05 at 04:31:16(GMT+8)

Dear friends, how are you:

I have been away appearing on shows at other cities, so couldn't come on the web to see you all, please forgive me. Yesteray, when I got home, I tried to log on but couldn't, so only now can I see everybody's postings. So happy that "Huan Zhu 2" is still so popular, and brought so much happiness to you all! Really very happy, so happy that I can cry! I can't comprehend that I just acted in a series, fulfilled what an actor is supposed to do, finished a part, and received such payback from the audience. Thank you, thank you all. I'm just an actor, a common actor, not worth your love and compliments. Really. To say that I gained something from all this, that is "Huan Zhu" allowed me to know Aunt Qiong Yao, and all of you precious friends. These days, I've gotten a lot more melancholic, you all protected me, did a lot for me, even stopped mentioning my leaving abruptly. And you are still supporting me, encouraging me. But deep in my heart, I'm filled with guilt. For my own small love, I betrayed the large love of you all. I hurt your feelings, and yet you are still whole-heartedly supporting me, welcoming me, how forgiving are you! Truthfully, you just wanted to see someone you like playing in a popular drama series. Yet....sorry sorry sorry sorry sorry a deep bow to all my friends.

The success of "Huan Zhu" is due to Aunt Qiong Yao's hard work, due to the hard work of all the actors and the whole crew. You should all thank Aunt, she created a miracle. I failed her, hurt her and disappointed her. I want to thank each and every actor's hard work, the saying goes," one tree does not make a forest", no one can excel on stage all by oneself. The crew also deserve thanks, they work so quietly and devotedly behind the scenes.

Ok, it's late now, I'll stop here. Since I type so slowly, I always finish yesterday's words by tomorrow, please forgive me. I'd like to make use of this chance to thank the Mainland "Xin You Qian Qian Jie" friends, thanks for everything you've done for me, thanks!!!

I also want to thank those who are always writing to me, those who care about me and support me. I've received all your greetings, thanks. Since I don't want you to feel disappointed because I can't individually reply each letter, I'll try to find time to come on the web more. Please rest assured.

I love you all, all the best in everything!!!!!

Zhou Jie
1999~5~4 late night in Beijing