Zhou Jie's Words for us(14)

1999/05/30 at 04:14:19(GMT+8)

All you dearest friends: greetings.

I heard that the tub is getting empty, so here I am to add some water. These days I have been extremely busy, couldn't come to visit, I beg your pardon, please, princes and pricesses, forgive me. I know that you all miss me, actually I miss you all too. I just love our web site too much, almost everyday it seems we have new friends coming in, one can see how attractive this little piece of paradise is! No matter you're old or new, let's work hard together to make this lovely warm and beautiful home more colorful and joyous, forever filled with bliss and glee!

I always get really moved and uplifted when I read your postings. At the web gathering on the 23rd, I was too excited, plus the long distance between us, I probably misunderstood a lot of what you said. Did I mis-pronounce Pretty Boy's name, and caused a raucous? Why is everybody discussing pretty boy issues? Even Aunt Qiong Yao had to clarify for me, if I caused problems, please forgive me, who knows that I'm a Gump! HAHAHA.....it kills me, "Xin You Qian Qian Jie" wanted to call me Zhou Boy, Jie Boy or Zhou Jie Boy HAHAHA.

....Xuong Rong wanted to teach me Cantonese, though I know the pronunciation and meaning of "pretty boy", I really don't know Cantonese that well, it's a good idea to learn. I'll use this opportunity to send my regards to the following friends "Xiao Jie, Shu Hui, Ai Yong, Ah Liang Zai, Yuan Sheng, Min Hui, Liu Yan, Xin Yi, Lin Heng, Qiu Yin, Zhen Zhen, Xi Xi, Tang Ya, Meng Jie, Ding Ding, Qi Qi, Bao Bao, Feng Ling, Gillian, Xin Er, Liang Zi, Xin You Qian Qian Jie, Xiong Xiong, Sha La, Xiao Xue, Hong, Zi Juan, Oscar, Xiao Fen, Fei Ya, Rose, Hong Qin, Xiao Yu, Zhao Di, Yi Zi, Joyce, Irene, Dai Dai, Stella, Xun Yi Cao, Xing Yun, Xie Zi, Zheng Li Zi, Yun Xi, Wu Xian Qin, Xuan Cao, Ya Tou, Xiao Jia, Tang Xuan, Fen Yuan, Hui Zi, Xiao Zhong, Feng Fan, Zheng Jun, Xiao p, Lan Qi, Xiao Ai, Fang Wei, An Ya, Yi Fen, Judy, Shirly, Bee, Wen, Annaly, Margaret, Patty, Joy, grace, venusgirl, of course, there are our overseas friends: Hai Yun, Xi Xi, Ai Jie, Li Xian, Tina, etc. greetings and salute from me. Thanks to the consideration and big hearts of Rose and the officers, we get to know each other. I sincerely hope that our web site will get better and better.

I tried several times to try to get on our Mainland web to visit with lovely Miss Dana, yet I cannot get in anyhow. Who can tell me why?

Today I received a whole bunch of fan letters delivered by a friend, among them there is a little friend called "Que Er"(Birdie) caught my attention. She said that she is dying of an incurable disease, had written a lot of letters to me and never got any answer, didn't know if I had gotten them or not. I think besides answering her myself, I hope that everybody would send her some warmth and support, to help her face the future with hope and confidence. She said she logged on to our web, so she really is one of us too! Oh yes, she left her correspondence address: No. 7 class, level 2, Fu An No. 1 High school, FuJian. Postal code 355000. Her name is Huang Ying. Pretty name, right? Let's cheer for her! "Cheers, Huang Ying!"

The June 1st International Children's day is coming up, I wish all children happiness and bliss.

To: Aunt Qiong Yao
Thank you and Uncle Ping, and Xiao Chang zi for joining us on the 23rd web gathering. Although I was not physically there, my heart was with you all. Thank you for all that you've done for us. Thanks!

To: dear Zi Wei
Due to Er Kang's feelings for you, how can I say thanks, a bouquet of flowers represents my heart, and it's my duty. I originally wanted to shoot a v8 short film to congratulate you, but Aunt said the systems are not the same, so I gave up. In my hurry, I asked friends at "Xin You Qian Qian Jie" to represent me! Please don't misunderstand, the words on the card are my own words, and I footed the money for the flowers. Your husband Er Kang never skims on you. At the press conference, I also tried to call you, what a pity to not be able to hear your sweet voice. Finally, I called the office, and a lady who said she's new promised to pass on the message. Did you get my greetings?

Heavens! It's already 4:10 am! At 9am I have to go to Shanghai! See you in two days, everybody!