Zhou Jie's Words for us(17)

1999/06/26 at 15:26:15(GMT+8)

Brothers, sisters, relatives and friends:

I'm home for the New Year's Eve dinner. You would have seen my posting earlier in the morning, but we had a power outage, I only went to bed at 3:30 am, just got home right now. "Huan Zhu" has finally ended, reading your postings, I feel a sudden sadness, a tickling feeling started in my nose, I thought everybody would be like me, still joking around, yet feeling like we need a good cry. "Those who perform toil for a living, those who watch the performance are fortunate" is a good saying, Auntie (Qiong Yao) gave her heart and soul, "Huan Zhu" family of actors strive to put out their greatest performance, and the crew also worked very hard behind the scenes. Yes, years from now, people will still be talking about "Huan Zhu", reading Auntie books, and crazy about her. Many, many years from now, when we are all aged, chatting about the good times, we'll still be wearing a blissful smile.

Though I feel somewhat sad about leaving the screen, yet this is my home, with lots of good friends and relatives, " I still can't part with you, your tenderness is my life's longing". The end of "Huan Zhu" does not mean the end of our family. I think it's the same thinking that prompted Rose to first built this web site with so much effort. She wanted all of us to have an eternal home; the members of this family will grow and grow, both in number and in strength. I want to continually bring new works to our homestead to show off, this should be a common wish for all of you and myself.

For over a year, our lives have been greatly affected by "Huan Zhu". Just like you, thank heavens, I now have so many friends, to share happiness and blessings, like mice, "in a happy mice kingdom". * We all know Auntie has worked very hard, she has been a queen mom to our family, giving her whole heart and soul to work. Don't pressure her too much, care more about her health, she's been really tired, hasn't had a good rest, hope she will get to relax and keep her spirits up, and body healthy. Then she can produce more exceptional works like before. I suggest that Auntie take a vacation overseas, relax a little, but not too long, because we'll all miss her. Oh yes! Beijing now has a "Zhou Jie Mainland Chinese Fan Club". From now on everyone can contact them via the Taiwan Fan Club. This way you will constantly get my latest updates. Tomorrow I'll have to leave to work elsewhere, will be back in a week, see you all then. Please don't worry! Excuse me? What will I be doing? I'll tell you when I get back, OK?

1999. 6.26

* Note: In "Huan Zhu Ge Ge" series, Xiao Yan Zi (little Swallow) misunderstood a Chinese idiom "So happy that he does even think about home in Szechuan" into something that sounded like "So happy that he's like a mouse", this is the origin of the "happy mice kingdom", the nickname a lot of us gave to this site.