Zhou Jie's Words for us(18)

1999/07/06 at 14:28:02(GMT+8)

Hello to my beautiful "mice" ! How are you? I am back! I went to Xian and Shanghai for a round trip. I am exhausted. It has been raining non-stop in Shanghai for over 20 days. But the day after our arrival, it became sunny, and the good weather lasted for three days. As soon as we left, it started raining again. God really helped us this time. For his help, I think I need to say "Thank Heaven! Thank Earth!" again. " Huan Zhu" part II has already begun broadcasting in Beijing,the rating is very high. The series will be seen in other cities too. And it's still a hot topic of discussion.

By the way, need to tell you two things. The first one is that Zhou Jie Mainland China Fans Club has been officially established in Beijing. There is a formal office and professional staff to provide on-going services for all the fans in China. The second news is that the reason for this trip was actually for work, the shooting for my personal photo album that is a record of my youth. This photo album is a thorough study of my life in the past, the present, and the future. It also lets you know more about my daily life. The whole shooting process went very smoothly. The crew also got a lot of help and welcome everywhere we went. Now, this photo album is in its final production stage. I hope you can all see it before the 5th of August. I am not sure if you will like this photo album and enjoy it. If you wish, I'd like to offer this photo album as a present to every one of you.