Zhou Jie's Words for us(21)

1999/09/23 at 19:25:20(GMT+8)

My dearest friends: Are you all right? Is everything OK? I heard that Taiwan suffered a large scale earthquake, are you and your families all safe? Has anybody we know suffered losses? Is anyone hurt? Since our family members are all over Taiwan, there must been someone among us suffering from certain amount of problems, will someone tell it on the web, and we can all try to help? I am really worried, wish the disaster's aftermath will past as soon as possible. I pray for your safety from the distant Mainland.

It's been a long time since I last came on, always wanted to tell everyone some good news the next time I log on, but I don't know why recently there has been so many troubling things. Recently in Hong Kong, I wanted to spend some time after work with fans there, and take come media interviews, but due to a tight schedule, and having just a tourist visa, I can only go to Thailand, from Thailand, I wanted to fly to Hong Kong early next day, but got caught by a signal no. 10 typhoon, and was bound at the airport, there was a 3am flight the next day to Hong Kong, but that's the day I had to be back in Beijing, so my schedule was all messed up, and lost a chance to see them(in Hong Kong). Earlier, I was flying around everyday in China for my photo album's autograph sessions, it was already pretty draining, I still had to face the "Retribution" incident, I really don't know what to say. Why would people want to destroy the good rapport and friendship between us? And brought so much disturbances for me and all those who love "Huan Zhu"? Everyone has different personality, emotions, experiences and habits, me too. I'm constantly improving myself, constantly telling myself to understand others, empathize with others and see from their point of view. One can't be too selfish, just thinking about oneself and not the whole situation, that's why I stayed silent. My old saying is "There's a long road ahead, lots of drama to play" everything will be gone with the wind. But who knows about my deep frustration, and whom can I pour my heart out to? You all know, I haven't signed up with any agencies, I have to take care of everything myself, who can speak on my behalf? Judge who's right or wrong? Fortunately, I have you and Auntie Qiong Yao, though I feel very confused, and although I don't want to mention it again, I still want to take a deep bow to all of you and Auntie Qiong Yao, in gratitude. Wish you all " a good and safe life". The recent Taiwan earthquake must have brought a lot of inconveniences, but besides well wishes, what can I do? May be a charitable show of sorts in Taiwan to help out?

(Sigh), my life is actually also a mess. I just returned to Beijing, now I have to get a visa to Singapore, also quite a few activities before our National Day of October 1, at the same time, I have 6 scripts to read and make a decision on, and there's a new contract to negotiate, a new film starting to shoot on October 5 in Shanghai. Of course, these are all trivial personal matters, the most important thing is the large earthquake in Taiwan. Two days ago, when I first got the news, I immediately phoned my friend, asking him to get on the web to send you all my best just to find out today that he "forgot"! How can I not care about you all? Remember last time when everyone learned about my "retribution" incident, I have asked my friend to print out everyone's postings for me. I cried when I saw Rose's and Tina's postings. I really am proud and happy, I feel that I'm not at all alone, I have so many confidants, what more do I need! I hope this earthquake did not bring too much mental burden, "One never know what comes around the corner".

All of us little and big 'mice' have survived gossips and rumours, so many man-made disasters, what's a natural disaster? Wish you can all band together, give each other support, and protect our 'nest' and 'little ones'. I believe everything will turn out good for everybody and for me. Tomorrow is mid-autumn festival, I think this festival will be a specially meaningful one, "One always gets homesick on holidays", let's all remember this day, remember the good and bad that Fate has dealt us, and pray for blessings for all. Forever bliss and peace to the righteous.

Wish you all peace
Happy holidays

Your friend, Zhou Jie