Zhou Jie's Words for us(22)

1999/09/25 at 02:11:28(GMT+8)

Greetings everybody!
Happy Mid-Autumn festival! First of all, deep respect and blessings to all those who lost their loved ones and homes and yet still courageously living on.

In this sleepless night of the full moon, how many are raising their cups in celebration, yet how many are watching the moon sighing. With a heavy heart, tight frown and welling tears, I can only look up at the sky and send my endless blessing and thoughts. If there is a God, please help these kind and deserving people!

A sad, memorable mid-Autumn night,
A difficult, sleepless night,

Wish you all again, a happy mid-Autumn festival!

Loving you forever, your friend,
September 24, 1999 in Beijing

1999/09/25 at 02:38:56(GMT+8)
Forgot to tell all of you, I will be leaving at dawn for over ten days for Da Lian, Qing Dao, Wen Zhou, Hong Kong, Singapore. Don't you worry for me, I will take good care of myself. You have to too, "Take care of yourself, while I'm not around".


Jie wrote on 99.9.24