Telephone greetings from Zhou Jie in GuangZhou

2000/4/2 at 17:40(GMT+8)

Hi! How is everybody! I'm Zhou Jie! Really glad I'm in GuangZhou sending you greetings over the phone! First of all, I want to report good news, my Young Bao Qing Tian is all done. After 5 months of tough work, I finally finished this series, I hope all of you will like it, and believe you will all be able to see it really soon. As far as I know, Taiwan and Hong Kong will both broadcast it, then you'll all be able to watch it. 40 episodes, should keep you going for a while. And then, I will return to Beijing, take a good break, then, log onto the web to see you all, at the same time, um...I think I'll work out and read some new scripts, welcome my next project.

In these 5 months of filming, I have received, through Rose, a lot of letters and gifts. I have to give special thanks to all my friends on this site, including those in Hong Kong, USA, and family members from all over the world, I am very, very grateful, your well wishes, I received, your letters and presents, I also received, thanks again, everyone.

Also, during these 5 months, (Qiong Yao) aunt has called me often, and I have also, during breaks, sneaked some time to call her, chatted with her, reported how everything was going with the filming, Auntie cared very much about how filming was going for me, so she still cares for me, and me her. So I hope you will all continue to support me, support Auntie Qiong Yao, support all the ex-Huan Zhu members, so then, I think if we all work together, we will continue to expand our extended family, thank you all!

Finally, I want to tell everybody, when I return to Beijing, I will get on the web the soonest, to wish you well, and to again express my gratitude and concern for you all, I hope you will write to me, I will keep them all nicely and safely.

And that's why, my greatest wish is to promote "Young Bao Qing Tian" in Taiwan and Hong Kong, then I'll have another chance to see you all, and I'll be most happy. I have to say goodbye now, take care of yourselves, work hard, Oh........continue to keep in touch, thanks, Bye-Bye!

(Transcribed by Shu Zhen from his phone recording)