Zhou Jie's Words for us(26)

2000/06/02 at 02:16:52(GMT+8)

It seems I showed up at the right time! I saw the good news right after I came to this web. Congratulations to our new website in Singapore. Hi everybody, it's been a long time. Please don't be angry with me. Although I am thick-skinned. I still don't like to get scolded. Please accept my apology! "Happy Holidays(Children's day in China)! ... HEEHEE!

I've been scurrying around for the last few days, taking care of miscellaneous stuff, yet I feel a lot happier. Tomorrow,I'll leave for several days to a temple in a mountain to meet one of my old friends. I hope to realize some Zen subtleties.

I know that you all miss me and care about me. In fact, I really wish to show up and chat, just as someone who left home long time ago wishing that he (she) can return and visit. Every time when I do plan to come and say hello. my plans would fall through. My mom called earlier and gave me a lecture in which she asked me why I hadn't called for a long time. she was really angry, so I just clowned around with her. So, please don't blame me for this matter as well. I will try not to do this to you again, ok?

Report of what's happening with me:
1. The dubbing of "Young Bao Qing Tian" has finished.
2. I am looking at a new script for a modern drama, which probably will start shooting in Beijing in July.
3. I have just trimmed my hair. There are some yellow dye left.
4. I keep my body in pretty good shape. My weight is still the same.

There is one thing that I'd like to say to you in particular. All messages that I left on this website are for all the friends. I hope that someone would be kind enough to post my messages to "Xin You Qin Qin Jie" websites in mainland China, Hong Kong, Singapore and other countries for everybody to see. Thank you! The TV series "Young Bao Qing Tian" will debut on television stations in Beijing and Shanghai next month. I hope that in the near future, when this program starts showing overseas, I can visit Hong Kong, Taiwan, Singapore.....

Your little friend Zhou Jie wishes you all a happy holiday. Congratulations to Zhou Jie Singapore fans club! 2000.6.1