Zhou Jie's Words for us(2)

10/18/98 23:14:01(GMT+8)

Greetings everybody! My dearest and loveliest friends, how are you all? Far away in the Imperial Palace, greetings from Er Kang who's trying to find cherries in a bowl of pitts with Zi Wei!

It's late night now, "deeper into the night, the more we think about loved ones"! After working the whole day, I'm finding this opportunity to visit dear ones in the heat of the night. First of all, I want to report that all's well.

From the beginning of filming a month ago, a lot of catastrophic` heroic stories have developed. As for me, I'm being swept into this faraway`foreign yet dreamy and ancient love story. At times, I get absorbed by the titillating dialogues, other times, I grief at the twists and turns of life. All these led me back into the world of Er Kang. Forgetting the weariness of rushing between the stressful filming of A and B teams .

Tell you all a secret, a few days ago because of this double teams of filming, I only had 5 hours of sleep in 4 days. So, in the middle of filming, at Zi Wei's bedside, holding my lover's hand, I fell asleep with my eyes open! The assistant director yelled a few times in vain, I was teased as too deeply absorbed in my emotions. Ha Ha! Please don't blame me, actually even in my dreams I was romanticising with Zi Wei into eternity.

Oh yeah! I posted all your letters, cards, and newspaper cuttings all around in my hotel room, so everyday after work, I can see them right away, just like meeting with you all. Owing to your friendly support, I can concentrate on my work, presenting to you all a healthier and happier Er Kang. Of course, sometimes I miss you all too much, I'll call Aunt Qiong Yao on the phone, have a heart-to-heart chat, as if she can bring my heart songs to you all! Every time I do so, Aunt Qiong Yao gives me extra encouragement, making me more confident to plunge into my work.

Moreover, after a few more months, I'll be able to go to Taiwan to see you all! I believe it will be so endearing, by that time, don't forget to be my tour guides!

Still have to work tomorrow, can't carry on any longer! See you next time!
"What is this thing called love? That command one to give up one's life!"

98.10.16 Er Kang, trying to find solace in misery

The above is brought back from the Huan Zhu Ge Ge II filming site, Zhou Jie's hand-written letter. Aunt Qiong Yao had posted it on the web for you all.

Also, the above mentioned "5 hours of sleep in 4 days", after Aunt Qiong Yao's investigation, is a bit exaggerated! HA HA! But Zhou Jie is really working very hard! Cheer him on, everybody!

There is another letter from Xiao Yan Zi Zhao Wei, I will post it on her web site.

98.10.18 Qiong Yao noted.