Zhou Jie's Words for us(30)

2000/08/07 at 01:01:19(GMT+8)

I've been so happy these days and continually received blessings and presents from everybody. In the meantime, we also did the tele-conference among three cities. After seeing the messages from every one of you, I really like to say something to you~ "I am very happy. I am also blessed. I really love you all and our big family. We are bosom buddies and close at heart, though we may be separated by great distances. Cheer up! My friends! Good wishes to all of you!!

2000/08/07 at 01:10:08

I probably will be in Taiwan around the 21st if everything proceeds as planned and without a hitch. I also can stay in Hong Kong for a couple of days on my return trip to China. I really hope that I can go on this trip without making everyone of you wait in vain.

2000/08/07 at 01:19:49

Hey! It is hard to type. Is there anyone who can say hello to me? I am the real "Bao Gong Zi" (Mr. Bao)!

2000/08/07 at 01:25:59

Thank God! There is finally someone who responded to my message. I am still here. Well, I can't simply blame you for not responding to my message, since there are a lot of imposters recently.

2000/08/07 at 01:30:34

Thanks to the web master for your consideration. I still can hang on for a while. One can always keep improving!

2000/08/07 at 01:37:49

Let me answer your questions. I am not in any drama shooting right now. I did eat the cake. I will bring back the gifts from Hong Kong.

2000/08/07 at 01:43:39

Do you always type this fast?

2000/08/07 at 01:49:51

Thank Xiao Lin Zi for her greeting. Oh!¡§handsome boy¡¨¡K¡K No! you should be called a pretty girl, right? ...do you have to leave?

2000/08/07 at 01:56:29

I've already had someone check out that Chinese Su Xie pen. Unfortunately. It still can't be installed because of wrong code. What a shame!

2000/08/07 at 02:17:06

All the friends in the United States, can you all see my messages now? How about the other places? I hope that someone will post these messages to the webs in Beijing, Hong Kong, Singapore, Canada, Korea, and all the other places, since my wishes are also for them too. Well, just let those who did not show up on line tonight continue to sleep. It is pretty late right now. I have to go and I will come back to see you guys next time. Thank you for letting me feel this happy! Good night!