Zhou Jie's telephone greeting from ZheJiang(31)


Hi! How is everybody?
I'm Zhou Jie, very sorry, I know you've all waited for me for a long while, haven't contacted you for so long, I'm embarassed to say, I've been so busy with filming, I haven't even gone back to Beijing, besides filming "Right on Target", I played in a costume drama called "Peach Blossom Fan", so I've been in the ZheJiang area filming and filming, filmed for a long time, really feeling fatigued, so didn't even make time to post any messages to see how you're all doing, very sorry, please forgive me.

I actually really miss all of you, wishing one day we can all meet again. Besides, I mainly hope to present my new work to all of you, so you can all get to see it sooner. I don't know how "Young Bao Qing Tian" is received after the Taiwan broadcast, no matter what, I've tried my very best during filming, wish you would all like it. At the same time, "Young Bao" is being broadcast in Hong Kong, I also don't know the results there, and if overseas friends can rent the tapes or not, I hope my next 2 series will also be well-liked.

I know you must all be wondering what I've been doing, taking so long to leave messages for all of you, no communication at all, please don't be mad at me, I actually miss you all very much, but sometimes, I can't control the situation, too much work, can't help it, I was supposed to have the opportunity to visit Taiwan and Hong Kong to do some promotion, but because of filming commitment, it didn't happen, but I believe there will be other times, if I have other new production opening in Taiwan, I think I'll still get the chance to visit Taiwan, Hong Kong and other places to promote it. Then I'll meet you all again. I am really grateful that throughout the last two years and more, you have always been there for me, giving me your support and concern, I am grateful from the bottom of my heart, I know all these friends are mature, and have been quietly supporting me for this long, so in my heart, I feel that I can only produce better work for you all to enjoy, this is somthing I want to do the most, I think you all can see what I work on, this is the thing I can do for you as a repayment of your kindness.

I haven't come on to the website for a long time, I'm embarrassed to say, so I don't know what the head count is now. I think you've all noticed that I seemed to have disappeared for so long, I hope that even when I'm not on, please continue to support our website, continue to be united, and care for this site. We have gone through stormy weather together, it hasn't been easy for everyone, so united, I feel that everytime I think of you, I'm so elated, so happy, you are my motivational force, I hope to branch out to other areas, besides acting, I wish I can start recording soon, I'm working hard at it, I hope we can all work hard together.

I would like to specially thank some of our overseas friends, I heard that they have translated the news here and the web pages here to English, so more friends can join us, so I especially want to thank these friends from overseas, really grateful to them! You have to cheer up with me, I feel physically well lately, although it's hard work while filming, yet spirits are high, because both filming units get along with me great, all the actors and directors work well together, so now my goal is to finish filming and do it well, so you can all get to enjoy my work sooner.

Don't know if "Young Bao Qing Tian" has finished its broadcast in Taiwan or Hong Kong yet? Hope that in Aunt Qiong Yao's new production next year, I'll have a part in it. If you want to contact me, just leave a message for me on the web, I will read it when I return to Beijing, and reply your questions then. Besides, I want to thank all the friends in Hong Kong, also Taiwan and Singapore and other places, very grateful to them for all the work they've done for our fan clubs, our website, thank you all very much, I think no matter in Hong Kong, Taiwan or other overseas areas, all of you have to keep in constant touch, encourage each other, I also would like to see this Xin You Qian Qian Jie extended family growing stronger, and it's my biggest motivational factor. Well, I have to go to work, thank you all so much, I will take good care of myself, please rest assured! See you again, bye-bye!