2001.3.22 Zhou Jie's Words for us (32)

2001/03/22 at 21:33:56

All you princesses, princes, how are you?

Really embarassed, leave you waiting for soooooo long. After "Peach Blossom Fan" is done, I've gone travelling to the moon, just got back?

I also like to watch Young Bao Qing Tian

Didn't want to interrupt your viewing, I didn't pick a good time I'll visit often from now on

So happy to see you all, how are you, I miss you all very much

I accept your criticism, sorry, it's my fault

I'm so happy I just want to laugh

Still negotiating for the next production, I bought a place for my mom last year, helping her remodel the place now

I saw everybody's bouquets for me, so touched my heart,thanks, thanks, thanks, thanks

"Right on Target" still needs some post-production shooting, may even be broadcast later than "Peach Blossom Fan"

Since everybody's here, I'll greet you again, dear princesses and princes, how are you! Anyone type slower than I do

Sorry forgot to answer questions. First of all, congratulations to our website's headcount pushing past the million mark, thanks to all my friends, thanks to webmaster, thanks to everyone of you web friends, thanks to friends in the fan clubs, thanks to fan club presidents, everybody works so hard.

Oh my god, can't read so much, I also want to specially congratulate Swallow I already prepared a gift for you, be sure to pick it up

I also mailed a few pictures from Peach Blossom Fan for all of you. Also want to announce a new contact address to facilitate communication in the future.

The address is:
Attn: Zhou Jie
c/o Yuan Zheng
Beijing Star Factory Music and Entertainment Co. Ltd.
No. 337, 4th floor,Dong Si Bei Da Jie
Beijing, 100010
People's Republic of China
Telephone: 010-64022288, 84014625.

I'm still here the whole world is here, how can I not be? I was reading postings from before, overseas friends are all awaken by me, English posting too?

Aunt is really here? Aunt, I miss you just like everybody here! Really Aunt has the deepest feelings for us here

Did everyone see the new contact address?

Please translate to English for me, thanks

Aunt, thanks for being here, really want to see you, really want to give you a hug, wishing you the best with everyone here, and supporting every one of your productions.

Please note the Beijing Fan Club address will not be used from now on.

You all know I love to travel around, I wish to visit Taiwan, Hong Kong, Singapore ...all the places, I love to eat, love to sleep, love to play, hope I won't scare you all

Are we going to push for 2 million headcount tonight? Shouldn't you all get some rest, I'll be back tomorrow, OK?

See you tomorrow, sweet dreams.