2001.3.23 Zhou Jie's Words for us (33)

2001/03/23 at 22:48:23

Greetings everybody I'm back again, not disappointed eh

Is it someone's birthday? Congratulations and happy birthday

Yesterday I was as excited as all of you, finally couldn't sleep but feeling very blessed!

Are there 2 birthday people today? Feeling pretty happy with well wishes from all these friends?

Last August 5 when I spent my birthday in Beijing with friends, we had food for 80 people but 200 showed up, and lots and lots of friends of friends, although I don't know them, I was still very moved, also received gifts from you all

You guys invented a lot of new terms, am I right? like "Jiang Zi" (meaning like this, Zhou Jie copied some Taiwanese ways of speech here)

Actually I also really want to see all of you, hope I'll have more chances to travel this year

These two days I have interviews and activities to participate in, I was hoping to go to Australia with Na Ying, Sun Nan and Xie Xiao Dong, but I came back late and couldn't get my visa in time, and they got away.

What Rose had mentioned, Rose mansion was done 8 years ago, Women at Home was done 6 years ago and with the same actress, it was just coincidental, I look pretty geeky in them, please do not watch or imitate

Interviews are done by radio stations and magazines, I'd love to do a circuit birthday celebration, my mom is in XiAn waiting for me to go back in May to help her move

Husbands of princesses, how are you? Thanks for coming, is Ao Da Li Australia?

I'm afraid to bring up your names, fearing that someone may be missed and yell at me, so I won't say hi individually, forgive me, forgive me.

Thank you Rose's computer Fu Ma (an old world greeting for the husband of a princess), you have all the hard work? So Ao Da Li is Ao Di Li (Austria), I thought someone missed a character for Australia

Seeing you all so united in friendly warmth I am really happy, yesterday even Aunt Qiong Yao came by, it's obvious that you are mighty influential, from now on I will come back often and not let you wait too long, but it's too late now, have to work tomorrow, good night and sweet dreams