2001.4.2 Zhou Jie's late night/early morning words for us

2001/04/02 at 04:40:38

To all the Xin You Qian Qian Jie friends:

Originally I just wanted to, like before, sneak a peek and then go to bed (in truth, these few days, no matter how late I still come on then go to sleep). But after reading everyone's posting, I'm really moved and glad.

I've always thought you are the most understanding, most kind,most lovely, most classy, and most empathetic people I know. Now the facts have proved me right. From the birth of Huan Zhu, you have been through a lot with me, with this extended family.Through all the stormy weather, we've become bigger and stronger, and more united, extending to overseas.

I want to say, you are exceptional, Huan Zhu is exceptional, Aunt Qiong Yao is exceptional. Just like you ,I love Huan Zhu and every character in Huan Zhu. I have told Aunt that to be included in the cast of Huan Zhu is Zhou Jie's greatest fortune, now I want to say, to know you all is also my greatest fortune.

Yesterday, I called Aunt to ask after her, I could hear that she's pretty happy, I'm so glad. I really wish that I'll have the opportunity to be in her cast again, I sent my regards for her health, and wished her happiness always. I also wish you all happiness always! Good night. Rose's posting is exceptional.