2001.6.19 Zhou Jie's Words for us (36)

2001/06/19 at 02:33:37

My dearest friends, how are you? I'm sorry it's been so long since I visited you all, please forgive me. Miss you all very much.

You all know I'm a pretty dedicated individual, I care not to just say hi but rather bring some solid good news to share with everybody. I've always treated acting as my profession, to be able to perform in productions that I like have always been my greatest pleasure. Aunt Qiong Yao and Mr. Jin Yong are my favorite authors, to be able to participate in their works has been a longing of mine.

You all know that currently Aunt Qiong Yao's new production has not started. There are plans of a new version of "Falcon Heroes" (She Diao Ying Xiong Zhuan), rumour is that it will start shooting in August. In July, I still have to finish up parts of "Right on Target". All along Guo Jing is the character that I like most, never really gave Yang Kang any thought, firstly because he's a bad guy, the antihero, secondly, if I take the part, can you all accept it? Aye, I'm really torn on this decision. Also, in the future, will Aunt Qiong Yao let me play antiheroes in her productions, that will ruin me. So I sincerely want your opinion regarding this. Please tally up pro and con votes. After a few days, I'll return to see what the result is. Thanks to all of you, please spread the word for me and get me more suggestions. Know you all want to meet with me in August, I think it really depends on what production I'll finalize before we can decide on that.

It's getting late, I'll let you go, have a good night.