2001.07.31 Zhou Jie's Word for us (38)

2001/07/31 at 20:37:08

Alerting everyone: a big mouse is going to take a swim tonight, want to catch him, just be here around 11pm, special warning bulletin, HEEHEE........

2001/07/31 at 23:08:51

Dear friends, the mouse has been in the water for a while, how are you all?

I promise from now on I'll fight to use my own voice in dubbing in each production, fortunately, "Right on Target" is recorded on location, also parts of it has already been edited, not too bad, just wait for it. Beijing is very hot now, Auntie's (Qiong Yao) production will not start just yet, so I most probably will first shoot "Heron Hunters", but Yang Kang is a supporting role, are you all OK with that?

My friends are so considerate, I want to specially thank Rose and her husband and all of you who built this big family for us. Congratulations again for the 3rd anniversary of our site. Also want to thank all who are here today, and those who cannot make it. I can spell out everybody's name, and friends that I met and just got to meet overseas, wish we will have a chance to meet. I had not plan on celebrating my birthday this year, but I want to make use of August 5th to have a phone conference with all of you, what do you say?

Then let's make it noon time on August 5th, all the different location fan clubs, please discuss the logistics with Miss Yuan Zheng. If someone wants to visit, I think the best way is when I'm on location, then you can come visit me as well as tour around, isn't that great. I'll also negotiate to promote my next production in Hong Kong, Taiwan, then it will be easier to meet with you all. Additionally, when Auntie Qiong Yao came to visit Beijing last time, she and I made arrangements for me to participate in her next production, so it will be soon before we can meet again.

Ay Ya, please don't misunderstand, the friend I meant was one of you who posted earlier. Just scroll back to see who it was, haha.

I also want to congratulate the creation of the Taiwan Fan Club's web site. But I cannot personally get there to congratulate them. Sincerely request our [Yang Yu Huan great beauty] to forward my well wishes and regards to all, wishing all of our web sites are united in friendly love, bringing endless pleasure to all. I'll figure out a way to get on the site to say hi, thanks so much, really worked hard for this.

Please don't be impatient, if it's meant to be we will meet someday. Believe me, Ah Mi Tuo Fo. Did you see our little Korean sister? I think it's already very precious for her to chat using Chinese, having to type in Chinese is even harder. Wish to salute her, I remember your name and received your present, thank you. Welcome into our family. Well, it's late, you all have to work tomorrow, I have to go, see you all next time, this mouse wishes you all good night, it's been a pleasurable swim tonight.