2001.9.13 Zhou Jie's Words for us (39)

2001/09/13 at 01:49:10

All my dearest friends, how are you? Just like everybody, from yesterday on, myself and friends around me have been shocked and disturbed by the tragic events that happened in America. What has happened to the world? Very worried about my faraway friends in America, are you all well, and safe? Did you get the prayers and well wishes of our web family members? Please come on soon to tell us you are all right. I transform all my worries and thoughts for you into well wishes, may Budhha bless you all, may all my regards reach the whole world, wish you are all safe!!!

TINAĦASUNFLOWERĦI YaYa are you still awake, knowing you are all safe make me very happy. Please send my regards to all, you all take care and hope we can all meet one day.

Sorry Sorry, I just sneaked away to other linked websites. Unexpectedly got on right away when I had failed so many times before, I even left postings for them, but don't know if my characters can be recognized. So glad to see everybody safe, don't have to go to work today?

Excuse me for always disturbing you so late in the night. I actually really wanted to know what is the state of things in America? Are there going to be more casualties? You must all be careful OK?

These days, I have been taking care of miscellaneous things and working out, "The Heron Hunters" seris is shooting in Inner Mongolia now (no scenes for me there).

Congratulations little Panda, you must finish your degree so as to help me OK?!

Hi Webmistress: I just went to the Taiwan and Hong Kong fan club web sites, don't know why it's all garbled characters, don't know if they can read it at all. I'll go to the other fan club sites in the future.

Please don't poke fun at me anymore, little Panda, I've received your gift and like it very much. Thanks. Stella, Yuan Yuan, Ya Ya, I have to hit the sack, see you all next time.

Ya Ya you name is great, no need to change it. Stella, I already posted on the Taiwan Fan club site, but don't know if they can read it or not.

Thank you, Sunflower, actually "Peach Blossom Fan" has quite a few problems, such as the script having been changed a lot of times and is still messed up; my hair piece did not fit, but they can't make me a new one; for someone as meticulous as I am, all I can do is just go with the flow, frankly I haven't even seen it at all, you know the reason I accept so few scripts? I really wish you could write me with your observations and opinion. Thanks.

Missing you all, wishing you all a good morning. HEEHEE>>>>>>>>