Zhou Jie's Words for us(3)

11/21/98 00:26:35(GMT+8)

In an instant fall changed to winter, and the world takes on a new look.

Here I heartily ask you, my most dearly missed close friends, are you all well? Missing and caring about me like I'm missing and caring about all of you? Really wish I could personally hear your voices.

I already knew, on November 1, 1998, "Xin You Qian Qian Jie" Zhou Jie Fan Club had been established. I also know that for me, you strained to communicate, running around, gathering from all corners of Taiwan, to have a moving get-together. Your hearts, your love, your everything, I understand. Some say, "Benevolence too great for gratitude". I'm transforming my gratitude to thousands of words, buried in my heart. For me, who's filming in this harsh, cold winter, you brought a stream of spring warmth.

You may already have known, Aunt Qiong Yao visited Mainland again amidst deep winter, and brought me your well wishes, I feel that my heart is stuck on all of you. Whenever it's night, at the studio, looking up at the starry sky, I can't help but sigh deeply, asking in my heart," Are you all well? Right at this moment, what are you all doing? Will you miss me less with the passage of time? Will you support me forever? You must be disappointed going on the web at night? Since I really don't have time to write you all, making you wait so long! I apologize!" All these thoughts, constantly churn in my heart, I can't use speech or words to express, I keep thinking, I just can't stop.

This afternoon I attended a Beijing-Taiwan satellite press conference, watching scenes of Taipei on the screen, I suddenly thought, Rose and her husband, Set, Xin You Qian Qian Jie, Venusgirl, Zhao Di, Irene, Joyce, Liang Zi, Fen Yuan....and all my friends, are they there?

Oh yes, Huan Zhu Ge Ge I is already on the air in Beijing, getting rave reception, there are fans at the studio every day, wanting autographs, keeping us thoroughly busy.

And more, in Huan Zhu Ge Ge II, Xin Ru and myself will be singing the ending theme song, surprised? This is the greatest gift that Aunt Qiong Yao presented me on this trip, got me so exuberant that I'm almost babbling nonsense! I can't wait to share this piece of good news with you all. (Hope Aunt Qiong Yao won't change her mind)

Ah! Too bad, going to be late for filming! Talk to you next time!
Take care of your health!

Lovingly and gratefully,
Your Zhou Jie

Note from Aunt Qiong Yao: Zhou Jie scribbled badly and wrote in pencil, a lot of characters become illegible, he used a mix of traditional and simplied characters, making aunt Qiong Yao dizzy, took a lot of effort to finish typing for him! Are you all pleased?