2001.9.21 Zhou Jie's Words for us (40)

2001/09/21 at 03:43:54

Dear friends, are you all right? Today is another special day, Sept.21. Looks like the world is not so peaceful. Went to XiAn for two days, heard about Taiwan's flooding just as I got back. Even though US is burning, doesn't have to rain on Taiwan to drench it?? I think everyone's mood is at the lowest ebb, but even in case of more tragedies, don't cry, too much water already, don't add to the chaos, I'm rooting for you all, keep it up, keep it up, keep it up~~~~~~

It's so late, you must all be tired, I'm really not very clear about the extent of the disaster in Taiwan (haven't watched TV news in a few days), was chatting about 921 today when I heard a friend talking about the flood. Natural and man-made disasters are inevitable, the most important thing is for everyone to be confident that they won't prevail. Now I really want to know if my dear relatives, you all, are you safe and sound?

I'm alright, how are you? Don't rouse everybody, they must be extremely tired.

I have to go to ChangSha, Hunan tomorrow, to appear on the Happy Camp program. Can't chat with you any longer, can you send my regards to everyone? Just tell them I'm rooting for them. Thank you.