2003.2.24 Words from Zhou Jie from ChengDu (Sichuan province) (47)

2003/02/24 at 01:50:59

Dear friends, feel bad to bother you all at this time, can't help it but lately the shooting schedule is very tight, in addition, the place of filming is a township where it's not that easy to get on the web, so waited till today.

Nothing much, first to say hi, secondly, I want to tell you all that I'm fine, don't worry about me. Before the New Year (Chinese), I finished the Protein Girl (will probably change to another title). Had a recent phone call with the director, he said that editing would be done soon, that it's very good, I'm looking forward to watch my own work in this.

I came to ChengDu even before the Chinese New Year for the shooting of "Peach Blossom files", up till now everything has been going smoothly. As to Heron Hunters (She Diao) a lot of people have already seen it, I also expressed my views last time I was here. But I want to again state that I've done all I could for the Yang Kang character, even though there are a lot of room for improvement, I have no regrets. As to some reports, you all can just ignore them, lately, the Mainland is inundated with a trend of news articles that have very sensational titles with hardly any meat or even lies for content. No sooner had I just mentioned that there were room for desire for Yang Kang's costume design, they turned around and used titles like Zhou Jie blames it all on the costume

or It's all Yeh Jin-Tien's(the costume designer) fault etc., very irresponsible, sensational titles listing 1 or 2 non-related facts, despicable and laughable. This is the same as when they reported that Zhou Jie wanted to be a buddist monk, or I'll quit this business 2 years later, all worth just a laugh. All in all, I'm very good, please rest assured. Hope to finish filming so I can go on a vacation. Also hoping Huan Zhu 3 and the other new projects will be out soon, so I can see you all on the promo tours. Lastly, wishing you all health and happiness, smoothly sailing all the way. HaHa see you later bye bye!!!