Zhou Jie's Words for us(4)

12/7/98 16:08:53(GMT+8)

Hi everybody, how are you?
This is Zhou Jie and here I come again!
These days, despite my busy shooting schedule, my greatest pleasure is reading your letters. Aunt Qiong Yao has already gone back to Taipei, your letters are keeping me company everyday instead. I usually read them until I fall asleep. I long for this "Zhou Jie Fans Club" more and more each day.

In fact, I am also a "Huan Zhu Ge Ge" fan. I know that you work very hard to establish this club. But you missed inviting one person to join, and that's me.

I am not sure if you want me to join the club or not? Can I?

Of course, I think I first need to ask for help from the club's president Set and vice president Xiao Yu. But, don't you worry. I'm not someone who's all talk and no deeds. I'm well prepared. The following is my "gifts" list:
1. Keep in touch with the fan club in a timely manner to keep information flowing.
2. Respond to questions and letters from the fan club as soon as possible.
3. Secretly discover the schedule of this "Er Kang" guy in mainland China, and report to the ranks in the club.

How does it sound? Does it prove my sincerity? Please count me into the fan club. Set, Xiao Yu, Irence, Zhao Di, Joyce, Yun Yu, Xin You Qian Qian Jie......, please don't worry! I'll be responsible in collecting all kinds of Zhou Jie's photos for everyone. As long as he is willing to go take some pictures, I'll make sure to save you an exclusive copy! Liang Zi, Xiao Ya, Li Juan, Xiao Ling, Venusgirl......, there are just too many names for me to write. Please save a space for me by your side. Give me the opportunity to join you and discuss "Er Kang" or "Zhou Jie" with you all.

The Ah Jie who's fervently wishing to meet you all 1998.12.4 in Beijing.

Additional note from Aunt Qiong Yao:
At the time Zhou Jie wrote this letter, he hadn't lost his telephone book yet. As you can see, he was in an extremely good mood.

There is one more thing that I like to ask for your help. I don't have the habit of cutting out media reports from the papers, nor can I gather news the way you've been doing. Yet, Zhou Jie does care what the mass media in Taiwan is saying about him. So, would you please make a complete collection of news articles for him? (Originals from the newspapers, no copies please.)