Zhou Jie's Words for us(5)

1/14/99 23:19:29(GMT+8)

To all those I love and to those who love me:
Happy New Year!

Never has there been a Christmas spent like this
Never has there been a New Year's spent in such glee!
Never has there been a year spent so harshly,
Never has there been a year spent so worthwhile!

Inside the studio, all of us were eating cake, counting down to the New Year. After I went back to the hotel, I felt so warm and touched from all the greetings and wishes from you.

In the more than 10 degrees below zero night winds, although Zi Wei and I worked so hard, your flowerpots, gifts, and letters made it all worthwhile.

There's one thing I want to tell you in particular. I understand all the traditional Chinese (Big5) words that all of you wrote. So, just go ahead and write it ......, let me drown in your sweetness.

A few days ago, a fan reported that she had found my lost telephone book in "Da Guan Yuan" and sent it back to me. For me to get back what I lost is all because of your support. This is wonderful!

Sincerely wishing you all,
Good health, a happy state of mind, and best of everything.

Your most sincere friend Zhou Jie,

Aunt Qiong Yao, plese send my greetings to Yun Yu and her husband, Set, Xin You Qian Qian Jie, Zhou Di, Xie Zi, Venus girl, Irene, Joyce, Liang Zi, Fen Yuan, Ai Yong, Xuan Cao, Xi Xi, Pei Xin, Fei Ya, Patty, Feng Fan, Meng Jie, Judy, Feng Ling, Qian Wei, Meei, Hue Zi, Ah Lin, Wu Xian Qin,...... etc.

Sending my New Year greetings and sincere thanks!!!

Thanks to Aunt Qiong Yao for posting on the web for me!

Zhou Jie 1999.1.11