Zhou Jie's Words for us(6)

1/17/99 01:07:32(GMT+8)

All my dear friends, how have you been?

Last night, I wrote 2 letters for all of you and felt that it's not enough.

I didn't sleep well all night, thinking about all of you. Uncle Ping will be going back to Taipei tomorrow and I have been continuously working from dawn to night today, I just came back and wanted to rush this letter for him to bring it back.

I feel so guilty, last time when I requested to join the fan club, I promised I will report on that rascal Er Kang's whereabouts to all of you but I didn't keep my promise. It's been half a year since then and now I can wish all of you a belated Happy New Year, a belated Merry Christmas, luckily I'm still in time to wish all of you a happy Lunar New Year! All of you can't actually blame me on this, it's all Er Kang's fault! He is in Zi Jin Cheng (The Forbidden City) with Zi Wei creating all these earth-shaking happenings everyday, he didn't even have time for me!

As for Zhou Jie? In this new year, he has gotten some good news for all of you. (Of course, after the good news, there is something thatˇ¦s not too good), let's talk about the good news first!

(1) After 5 months of hard work, Huan Zhu Ge Ge II will finally finish filming around February 10! Hahahaha, please laugh with me! Thereˇ¦s over 40 episodes, I'm sure youˇ¦ll all get your fill!

(2) A bald-headed me looks like a villain in this howling North wind! I feel so inferior whenver I look in the mirror, I don't dare to face my Taipei pals! So I must regain my original "handsome with hair" look! How long will my hair grow in one and a half months' time? Will all of you accept my look? Will you all recognize me? So please look at those photos in which I have hair, especially those with short hair! In case you won't recognize me!

(3) I want to give all of you a more permanent correspondence address, for ease of communication.

Sigh! I have to take a long sigh! There is this saying 'when there are good times, there will also be bad times'. There are times when we will separate, I am filled with sadness now. From last year till now, because of Huan Zhu Ge Ge I have spent a year with Zi Wei, Xiao Yan Zi, Wu Ah Ge... from understanding each other we have developed a relationship, I can't say I don't feel anything now that we need to part. And the Zi Wei who has gone through much hardship with me, where will she be?

Yet, I believe, although Zhou Jie and Xin Ru will part ways, Er Kang and Zi Wei will live forever in everyone's heart, they'll always be the loving couple filled with passion for each other.

It's late now, I am starting to babble. Actually, I wanted to tell all of you, besides Huan Zhu Ge Ge, I've got all of you in my heart too! All the while, your names, your letters, messages all of you left for me on happyrose has been a part of my life! It's joyous and sad for me, joyous because it feels so warm and satisfying, and sad because I've become so used to having all of you around me, when I'm without you, how can I manage?

Oh... I'm getting so tired I'm "turning strength into glue"*, please forgive me for being so sentimental tonight! Hm...Strange! Since I've not met any of you, how come I miss you so?

Your friend, Zhou Jie
1999.1.12 late night in Beijing

* Note: Xiao Yan Zi (Little Swallow) in "Huan Zhu Ge Ge" mangled a Chinese idiom about turning animosity to harmony into this phrase and created a lot of laughs for the Emperor and her friends in the series.