A Six-Year relationship turned to ashes
Zhou Jie: I have no regrets

Last year, when "Huan Zhu Ge Ge" was in high gear, the four major actors from China, Hong Kong, Taiwan, were busy promoting this series. But Er Kang in the series, Zhou Jie, was extra busy, because the relationship with his girlfriend was showing a red signal. To try to salvage this relationship, he dropped all work in Taiwan, flew back to Beijing, just to try to retain her heart. The result was stormy reviews all over. Today, he said: "We've separated.....I have tried my best, I have no regrets."

Dropped all work, tried to 'mend the pot'

In "Huan Zhu Ge Ge", Er Kang was so devoted to Zi Wei, absolutely single-mindedly. Outside of the drama, Zhou Jie was equally serious about his romance. Last year, while promoting the series in Taiwan, he abandoned the team and flew back to Beijing to try to 'mend the pot', to salvage the love of Wu Zheng, his girlfriend. When everyone thought that he had succeeded, it actually did not work out after all.

"So when did you two separate?" ask the reporter.
"Last year, when everything was happening, we had actually separated."
"Didn't you return to Beijing to try to save it?" the reporter followed up.
"Yeah! But it was just said that I tried, no results, I basically am by myself now, that relationship has passed."
"Isn't it a pity, six years of togetherness?"
"In life there are a lot of things that can't be forced. No matter what the outcome is, the effort is important, you can't stop trying if things look bleak. If you succeed, naturally, it's nice; and if you fail, it's alright too. I figure in this matter, I have tried my best, I have no regrets." Zhou Jie replied serenely.

Plays Bao Qing Tian

Love lost, it's hard not to feel sad, so how to spend these broken-hearted days? Zhou Jie used a most common and effective method, he poured his heart out in his work.

Just like that, in a whole year, Zhou Jie worked non-stop. After "Huan Zhu Ge Ge", he shot a movie "Are You Lonesome Tonight?", then a television series "Young Bao Qing Tian". In "Young", he plays a refreshingly new Bao Qing Tian.

"This series is very different from what I worked on before, and it's a totally different part from Er Kang in "Huan Zhu Ge Ge". This time, I added some new elements, showing Bao Qing Tian in a different light. There is friendship, family love, a fussy romantic feeling with the opposite sex, and also conflicts with bad guys, displaying the righteous aspect of things. "

After the success of "Huan Zhu Ge Ge", any series with Zhao Wei, Lin Xin Ru, Zhou Jie and Su You Peng has become a bone of contention between HK-TVB and Asian Television. Of course it includes this "Young Bao Qing Tian" series. Zhou Jie had heard about this kind of news, so which television station does he want to broadcast this series?

" Actually it doesn't matter which station carries it. I believe, if it's a good series, it will get great ratings. "Huan Zhu Ge Ge" is a good example. But I heard that TVB will not put this series in prime time, so really, whether it's TVB or ATV, most importantly, it'll be great if this series will be on prime time."

Not playing in "New Yan Yu Meng Meng"

"Young Bao Qing Tian" and "Huan Zhu Ge Ge" are markedly different, but the other Qiong Yao series "New Yan Yu Meng Meng" is starting, and it got the 3 main actors from "Huan" series Zhao Wei, Lin Xin Ru and Su You Peng, but Zhou Jie is missing from the line-up. Does he feel left out?

"No, No. Actually aunt Qiong Yao wanted me to play the male lead, but after careful reconsideration, she changed her mind. She said she couldn't take the fact that I'll be going after Zhao Wei (the character he was to play will woo Zhao Wei), because in the audience's mind, Lin Xin Ru and I are a couple." Zhou Jie patiently analysed.

Grateful to "Huan Zhu Ge Ge"

"Is "Huan Zhu Ge Ge" a turning point in your career?"

" I should say it's a turning point for everybody to understand me, to notice me. It opened a new page for my acting career, gave me a lot more choices, and new motivation. It reminds me to work hard from now on. Actually, "Huan Zhu Ge Ge" is my first costume drama, before that I've always acted in modern dramas. After this series, everybody loves Er Kang. When I play "Young Bao Qing Tian", everyone asked "Can you handle it?" , because all along, Bao Qing Tian is fat, dark-complexioned. I hope everyone will watch my performance and make more comments."

Won't pay attention to criticism

Before interviewing Zhou Jie, this reporter had heard that he had a temper tandrum, with nose up in the air, very hard to get along. After a short two hours of interview, this reporter found that he's absolutely different than how he was described. He was very cooperative, did whatever the photographer asked of him, and acting so animated that he's just like a big kid. And he's very talkative, answering questions clearly and logically.

As to all the criticisms floating around, he took it in stride. He remarked, "No matter what others say of me, I think if you are clean, you are clean. May be those who say that I'm hard to get along, never contacted me, and they don't know me, just conjured it all up. It's not plausible. I think everyone should use his own eyes, his own heart to feel a person, and not listen to what others have to say."

"I can't be warm to everybody, or be cold to everybody. Everyone has his own personality. If you are sincere to people, people will treat you sincerely, don't have to bother with how they judge you. Others mentioning you're good, or you'r bad, just shows that they are paying attention to you; without any comments, that means no one is paying attention to you. So I don't mind those comments, as long as I know it clearly in my heart."

In fact, we can't please everybody. It is important to have no shame or regrets in your heart, this is Zhou Jie's attitude in life.

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