Zhou Jie at the Crossroads of Love

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September 30, 10:30 in the evening, a date with Er Kang - Zhou Jie, at the Lounge Bar of Regal Meridien Hotel where he was staying. Zhou Jie was wearing a simple black top and black pants, plus a leather jacket, no name brands to help out, yet still full of chivalry, with an air of gallantry, he approached this reporter and started the conversation first: "How do you do, I'm Zhou Jie!"

Then he took my hand and shook it mightily for 6, 7, 8 times.

Wow, Zhou Jie......so manly!

So Zhou Jie started telling his impressions of Hong Kong very candidly.

"I've been to this place quite a few times, I feel that it's very populous, metropolitan and classy, rich in resources and economy, people's living standard is high, the only shortcoming is it's too populous, you feel very crowded on the streets, cars are fast, noisy, high risers are so tall and so dense, the whole environment makes one stress out. I've been to a lot of big cities, such as Shanghai, Beijing, QingDao and DaLian, none of them gave me this kind of feeling!"

Hong Kong ladies are very feminine

See! Zhou Jie's very observant, so I asked what did he feel about the ladies in Hong Kong?

"Um....Hong Kong ladies are very modern, their make-up, fashion are not too overboard, very natural. A couple of months ago, I got to meet two Hong Kong actresses, their Pu Tong Hua (Mandarin) was not very fluent, they spoke slowly, but with certain soft and tenderness of feminity."

So if he likes Hong Kong ladies so much, why don't I suggest that he find a Hong Kong girl friend?

"Great! Your publication (Fast Weekly) can carry a personal ad for me, list all my personal details and wish list out, ha ha ha......we're taking a joke too seriously! No, no....ha ha ha...."

Ask him what his conditions are for a lifelong partner? He laughed non-stop again.

"She doesn't have to be a great beauty, for a man to pick a romantic partner, the most important elements are personal depth, refinement, a nice personality; as to appearances, natural, fresh, with good communication between us is enough."

Career before Romance

Though we were discussing romance, to Zhou Jie nowadays, so well-known throughout China, Taiwan and Hong Kong, romance comes second to his career.

Yeah! You need time to cultivate romance, if you don't have time, how can you have romance? Today's Zhou Jie is so busy, before he becomes 35 years old, it's just impossible to have time for dating and longer lasting relationships, but....you never know, things will happen and you can never say for sure!

It seems Zhou Jie is still searching in regards to love, but as to his career, to the notion that once you are famous, you will become pompous and self-conceited, this is common knowledge in the entertainment circle, yet Zhou Jie did not agree!

"What do you have to be proud of when you are famous? I still like to eat at the roadside food stalls, prefer that over expensive sea food, no need to treat me to it either. When I was going to college, I already know keeping life simple is a blessing, it's best to be common folk. For myself, I don't want to chase fame, I just want to be myself!"

Social Responsibility is Greater

Zhou Jie stressed that although he's a common folk inside, but his status is not common, and fame has let him realize that his social responsibility is not the same.

"Before, to help others was natural and instinctive, for example, helping the needy with money, take a kid across the road, or give your seat up on the bus to the elderly, these all came naturally. But when you become a public figure, you become more influential, what used to be done quietly before, now has to be done publicly to affect others, to influence others.

Last year, when I was at Tian An Men filming my photo album, it happened to be our National Day, the whole place was decorated nicely, but some visitors, instead of sitting on the grass, stepped inside the fences and starting eating cookies and drinking, and so created a lot of litter. I couldn't stand it, so I stopped the filming and went to pick up all the litter that they had left. When the kids nearby saw me doing that, they starting picking up litter as well, I was really moved and went over to praise their efforts and gave them some autographed pictures of Xin Ru and myself. This is the influence of being a public figure!"

Zhou Jie also had a different view for the power of the media!

Whether it's good news or bad news, it's still normal reporting. Someone may compliment Zhou Jie highly, the next day someone could criticize till I'm not worth a cent. This is all normal, nothing to be shocked about. You have to know, there are ebbs and high tides in your life. No matter what happens, just treat it as normal, even if there's a lot of negative press and mishaps, after three months, it will all past, so why worry?"

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