In "Peach Blossom Fan" Zhou Jie wants to rewrite history for "Hou Chao Zong"

The classic novel of "Peach Blossom Fan" has been adapted for television recently. The main character "Hou Chao Zong" is played by Mainland's popular "period drama lead" Zhou Jie. Zhou Jie announced that he would not interpret Hou Chao Zong as simply a traitor, but would turn the tables and supply more reasoning to this character.

According to "The Youth Paper", the romantically tragic story of Hou Chao Zong and Li Xiang Jun is very familiar to Zhou Jie. He claimed: "I know the story of "Peach Blossom Fan" very well. I watched the movie as a kid. ' But he never thought that one day he would be telling the sad yet beautiful story to the world.

What's interesting is that this 30-episode television drama "The Story of Peach Blossom Fan" has been adapted from "Peach Blossom Fan", but the whole series is produced from a contemporary view, boldly re-interpreting the relationship and love stories between Hou and Li, and Liu Ru Shi, Chen Yuan Yuan, Dong Xiao Wan, those 4 outstanding women who lived at the doom of Mind Dynasty. "You can say the love story of Peach Blossom is retold by a new generation's view point towards love and relationships. The changes are great, but within reason." Zhou Jie remarked. "In the original version, the betrayal by Hou Chao Zong was despicable. In reality, his betrayal and the tragic demise of Li Xiang Jun are both due to the downfall of a dynasty. That's why the Hou Chao Zong that I play is not interpreted simply as a traitor, but with rationalization."

Currently, a lot of adapted television series are guilty of padding the stories with a lot of nonsense, and a short"Peach Blossom Fan" story is expanded into 30 episodes, is it going to invite criticism? "I don't think so, just like my earlier series "Young Bao Qing Tian", it also met with such comments, but my opinion is no matter it's Bao Qing Tian or Hou Chao Zong, they both have a legendary stature, not typically true to every historic fact, but told by people in the past to educate society via their stories. Then why can't we give these stories some new concepts? Furthermore, the main purpose of television drama is entertainment. If the adaptation is done well, and the audience loves it, then it's a good production." Zhou Jie added with plenty of confidence, "There is certainly one thing that I oppose, that is film or television productions which arbitrarily change history, those are really meddlesome trash."

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