Fresh picks for Floral Award's Best Actress

Reporter: Wang YiWen

Click to enlarge One of the celebrated events of the Mainland movie industry, "Popular Movies Magazine's Floral Awards" has announced its nominee list: Shui Ling, Zhou Jie, Dong Jie, Xie YuXin are the younger group, competing against the more experienced and established Gong Li, Chen BaoGuo, Zhang GuoLi, Jiang WenLi, Liu Pei.

Different from the more professional, critics-dominated "Golden Rooster Awards", the 5 Floral Awards: Best Actor and Actress, Best upporting Actor and Actress, and Best Movie Story are all voted by the audience. But since the two award ceremonies happen at the same time, the more professional Golden Rooster winners are usually more mature and established, while the Floral Awards usually go to the younger, more popular newcomers, so the sensation for both awards are comparable. For example, last year's Golden Rooster Best Actress was Gong Li, the Floral Award winner of same was Zhang ZiYi, though they differ in generation, industry insiders could tell the difference in technique, yet outsiders felt that both pulled their own weight, each held her own ground.

However, compared to past years, the already 24 year-old Floral Awards' nominee list obviously presents a fresh look. Shui Ling, Zhou Jie are both leading actors renowned in the TV series circle, very rarely do they take part in movies. Dong Jie, Xie YuXin are both newcomers with only one movie to their credit. This signifies that the Mainland movie industry, though strongly refusing to be commercialized, is actually moving more and more toward idol production.

Click to enlarge In the case of Zhou Jie, he became red hot in the Mainland, Taiwan and Hong Kong due to Qiong Yao's TV series, advanced to be one of the four foremost TV actors from Mainland, in the past ages of distinct separation of art and business, it's nearly impossible for him to be recognized in the movie industry. Yet this time, he was nominated for his part in the New Year comedy, "Love me Tender", as the amiable lead, "Xiao Kang"; judging from his popularity, it's highly possible for him to snatch the highest number of votes, with "A Sigh"'s Zhang GuoLi as his predicted number onecontestant.

Shui Ling's nominated work is "The Hero Zheng ChengGong". This film's director is Wu ZiNiu; leading actor is Zhao WenZhuo. In this film, differing from her usual parts of being a tragic heroine, her part was Zheng ChengGong's female companion, also the rebel leader's daughter - Xue Liang. Multitalented and virtuous, she also can play the pipa really well, for this part, she laboriously practised the difficult "Surrounded by Enemies" melody without using a substitute, shocked and earned the respect of everyone around, this can also be a determining factor for her winning the "Queen" award.

First time newcomer Dong Jie, is recognized by the Mainland media as Zhang ZiYi the second. Her work "Blessed Times" is Zhang YiMou's important work last year. Is she going to be as fortunate as Zhang ZiYi? The media can't wait to see!

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