Shui Ling kissed Zhou Jie with 'suffocating' attraction

(phone interview between Taipei and NingBo as reported by Chu Pei Jun)

Click to enlarge Busy with tear-jerking scenes on Peach Blossom Island, Shui Ling and Zhou Jie were rumoured to be at odds on some web reports. According to those reports, Shui Ling thought that Zhou Jie and she were both strong-willed actors, working together would be very taxing. Yesterday, when Shui Ling had heard that, she screamed: "No! We said we were strong-willed alright, but that means we are capable actors, working together will require that we spend more time before each scene to reach a concensus."Zhou Jie was also laughing beside her, their friendship is so solid, that a few days ago, when they were acting a kiss scene, they even did it over and over again for the media.

In the "Heron Hunter" (She Diao Ying Xiong Zhuan) TV series, Shui Ling plays Mu Nian Ci who is desperately in love with Yang Kang played by Zhou Jie. She was so single-minded in her love that she didn't care whether he was righteous or evil, and finally gave birth to Yang Guo. Spending the last few weeks on Peach Blossom Island, the two already well-acquainted friends are acting in non-action sequences, chatting, laughing, and having a jolly good time together, both on and off cameras. Shui Ling expressed that the Island is so scenic that, though they are working, it really feels like a vacation.

A couple of days ago, Shui Ling and Zhou Jie were playing a kissing scene, the director wanted Shui Ling to take the active role of kissing, and Zhou Jie to act like he's being "suffocated". That scene provided comic relief for everyone. Also, Shui Ling laughingly said, media from a lot of sources came to visit soon after, so they honored their requests to kiss over and over, shooting the scene again and again, until there was not only no romantic feeling left, but complained Zhou Jie jokingly, his lips might even 'swell up'.

As to the rumour of their discord, Shui Ling and Zhou Jie both behaved matter-of-factly. Zhou Jie praised Shui Ling as "a kind person, so nice ", and Shui Ling said, "when we are working, we discover that we are both very diligent, full of ideas, and we both want to design our character. I think this is the way an actor ought to be, we just need time to meld our thinking, it is a far cry from not being able to get along".

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