Pro Bono [Charity Ambassador], Zhou Jie discusses Yang Kang for the first time

Zhou Jie, who's shooting the "Heron Hunters" TV series in Xin Chang, ZheJiang, arrived in NanJing yesterday to be [Charity Ambassador], and discussed for the first time with the media about his character, Yang Kang.

Zhou Jie told reporters that was being shot in heated progress and the reason for his being in NanJing was because "there is no scenes for me today". Zhou Jie admit that the Hong Kong version of created a lasting impression, that he himself also favors that version, especially Miao Qiao Wei's Yang Kang. But he proclaimed, "I will try my utmost to bring something new to the audience. " In Zhou Jie's opinion, Yang Kang is a tragic character, "I will meticulously portray why he followed Yuan Yan Hong Lie, and why he fell in love with Mu Nian Ci."

Not long ago, there were reports that said Zhou Jie and Jiang Chin Chin, who plays Mu Nian Ci, were too steadfast on their own interpretations of their characters and had a hard time reaching a concensus, creating obstacles in the filming process. Regarding this, Zhou Jie was adamant: "It's a rumour." He said, both Jiang Chin Chin and himself were furious after hearing the news. " We are good friends off camera, and communicate very easily. Jiang Chin Chin is a very good actor, we are very happy working together. I don't know what's the purpose of those who started this rumour."

Yesterday's trip to NanJing is Zhou Jie's special engagement as the presenter of the 80 million yuan charity lottery jackpot. This lottery is set up specifically for charity endeavours for the elderly. Zhou Jie told reporters that this trip was purely pro bono, free of charge, and this is not his first time being a [Charity Ambassador].

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