Zhou Jie VS Impossible Marriage

[ As a kid watching the Hong Kong version of She Diao Heroes (or Heron Hunters) series, the characters played by Huang Ri Hua and Wong Mei Ling, Guo Jing and Huang Rong, became models for the ideal lovers in my heart; as I grew up later, young girls blossoming in love arrived at this conclusion: Yang Kang is tastefully bad, makes an ideal boyfriend. Now Central TV's version of has already started filming, in my humble opinion, Guo Jing and Huang Rong's portrayal are too high-horsed, their love too perfect, really not for the common folk. Yet Yang Kang has a complicated background, multidimensional personality, and his emotional journey with Miss Mu is really rugged; in the new series Zhou Jie and Jiang Qin Qin playing Yang Kang and Mu Nian Ci elicit a longing for the possibility of a breakthrough.]

Question(Q): Isn't it risky accepting this role before reading the script?
Zhou Jie (Z): Of course it's risky.
Q: Contrary to past experience, this is your first anti-hero role, can we say it's doubly as risky for you this time?
Z: I don't agree, because I don't see Yang Kang as an antihero, if I thought he were an antihero, I wouldn't have agreed to play him.
Q: How do you view this Yang Kang character?
Z: He is a tragic character. His life is a tragedy, he's not a bad guy. From everyone's point of view, if someone from birth till twenty something has always been my father, nurturing and educating me, also loving my mother very much, what courage do I have to betray him and treat him as an enemy? Yet another person, whom I have never met before, suddenly appears and claims that he is my father, what reasons do I have to totally accept him?

Q: So the Yang Kang character has a plethora of granularity, is it a challenge for you? Also is it an opportunity for you to seek a breakthrough in your acting technique?
Z: This is what I'm worried about, I don't know if the script can sufficiently play out the multiplicity of Yang Kangˇ¦s personality, will it successfully answer a few whys?
Q: Which whys?
Z: Technically speaking, the series did not portray Yang Kang perfectly 18 years ago, it's not because of the actors, but because the script did not answer - why Yang Kang treated Mu Nian Ci with those ups and downs, abandoning her this moment, and so faithful to her the next? Why did he leave his stepfather and then go back again? Why was his friendship with Guo Jing so brittle? Since I'm not clear about what the script is like this time around, whether Yang Kangˇ¦s tragedy can be made moving, believable, is what I'm very worried about.

Q: Someone predicts that agreeing to play Yang Kang will make Zhou Jie more popular, what do you think?
Z: It's hard to say.
Q: A lot of people like Miao Qiao Wei's Yang Kang more than Guo Jing, because he had a bad-boy lady-killer quality, and he's very devoted to Mu Nian Ci. Once a web fan commented that Yang Kang is [the most eligible husband] among all of the heroes penned by Jin Yong.
Z: Whether the audience favors or not, has a lot to do with the actor's own qualities, but not totally due to that.
Q: Compared to Miao Qiao Wei, do you think you can surpass him?
Z: I won't compare. I think I can only play Zhou Jie's version of Yang Kang.
Q: Do you like this character? What made you take this role?
Z: I was surprised when they asked me to play Yang Kang. Guo Jing may be more fitting for me, because my personality is more akin to Guo Jing's. This character of Yang Kang, I don't think Mr. Jin Yong had written him as a bad person. He encompasses helplessness, ambiguity, even empathy. His death scene, when he was poisoned and dying, he lied to Mu Nian Ci that he was well, Mu thought he was a liar and cheater. Later he couldn't make it, when Mu Nian Ci came back, with this last breath, he said, I cheated you so many times, caused you so much anguish, I can't let you see me this way, hurting you once more. When I was reading this part, I cried.

Q: To show the tragedy of Yang Kang, an important angle is the love tragedy between Yang and Mu, will this be an emphasis for your interpretation?
Z: It depends on the script.
Q: This time your screen lover is Jiang Qin Qin, can you express your opinion of her, what kind of sparks will fly between you two?
Z: I won't comment on others. You know I'm very straightforward, if you press hard, I'm afraid I'll say the wrong thing. As to sparks, I think they will fly on screen, but off screen, I really don't think so.
Q: It was said that Jin Yong is your favorite author, do you want to portray any other characters in his books?
Z: I don't mind telling you all, my favorite authors are Jin Yong and Qiong Yao, their works all bring happiness to people. Among Jin Yong's creations, I like Ling Hu Chong, Guo Jing and Yang Guo the best.
Q: You missed the chances for Ling Hu Chong and Guo Jing, there's still Yang Guo, you can try hard to fight for that.
Z: ...(Did not respond yeah or nay)
Q: One thing I am very curious about, I can't help but ask, you can refuse to answer.
Z: What's the question?
Q: There's news that your most famous [screen lover] Lin Xin Ru was interviewed sometime ago, remarked on all the male co-stars that she had worked with - - when she mentioned Su You Peng, Zhang Zhen Yue etc., she praised them profusely, but when asked about you, she replied ˇ§I forgotˇ¨. What's your take on this?
Z: I knew about this, and so does Qiong Yao. No comment.

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