Huan Zhu Ge Ge 3 will have a new cast
except for Zhou Jie all other cast members will be new

January 4th 2002 - Xiao Xiang Morning Post, Red Web

Click to Enlarge Morning Post news: The news of Huan Zhu Ge Ge 3 has been going around for almost a year now, yesterday, this reporter learned from the director of the previous 2 Huan series, Li Ping, that Huan Zhu 3 will definitely be filmed, and filming will be starting near the middle or the end of March. As to the cast, Li Ping claimed 'there will be a lot of new blood, among the young actors, all except Zhou Jie will be new.'

As we learned, Li Ping and 2 other officials from HuNan Television station travelled to Hong Kong last December 27, to discuss Huan Zhu 3's script and related matters, not until January 2nd did they return to ChangSha. Li Ping said: 'At the moment, Ms. Qiong Yao has only finished the scripts for 18 episodes, I estimate the whole series will need at least 30 episodes, so for these 2 months, we are still awaiting Ms. Qiong Yao's further output. In these 2 months, my job is to pick a cast and scout for locations, I believe shooting will take place in Beijing and YunNan, another location will be either YangZhou or HangZhou.'

According to Li Ping, the series' assistant director started picking the cast since last year, a total of 200 plus actors applied, after elimination, he brought profiles for 40 to 50 actors to Qiong Yao and her husband, he said: ' these actors are from all the major drama and acting schools, and acting organizations, among them are green horns and experienced actors.' As to Zhao Wei, Lin Xin Ru, Su You Peng who appeared in the last 2 series, and Li Xiang, who had expressed to the media that she wanted a part in this, will they appear in this 3rd serial, Li Ping said: ' We have to honor the desire of each individual actor, if they want to join, we welcome them, but if there are scheduling conflicts we will not force the issue, in this case, we will have a brand new cast, all the young actors, with the exception of Zhou Jie, will be brand new. But the actors who played Rong Mo Mo, the Queen, they all called me to say they wanted to be a part, so these cast members will not change. As to Li Xiang, this time I brought her profile and CD to Qiong Yao, the final say will be Ms. Qiong Yao's.'

As to the storyline, Li Ping said Qiong Yao and they have agreed to keep it secret for now. But this reporter guessed from his choice of the cast, that this is a story of the offsprings of Xiao Yan, 5 Ah Ge and Zi Wei. Li Ping did not negate the reporter's guess, just said with a smile:'I'm not divulging anything, you're welcome to guess. All I can tell you is that we've added 2 to 3 new characters to this script, each one with distinct personality. This script will be as good and as enduring like the prior 2.' --- Reporter Hou Jian

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