Huan Zhu Ge Ge 3 will have new blood
Qiong Yao appoints Gu Ju Ji as [5 Ah Ge]

January 10th 2002 - Fast Weekly

Click to Enlarge [Huan Zhu Ge Ge 3 - Heaven and Earth] is finally confirmed to start filming by mid March, as we learned except for Zhou Jie, Lin Xin Ru, Zhao Wei, Su You Peng all rejected the chance, mainly due to scheduling conflicts, and Qiong Yao's new favorite Gu Ju Ji has been appointed by Qiong Yao to be 5 Ah Ge, currently going through negotiations.

Recently, Qiong Yao formally announced that [Huan Zhu Ge Ge 3 - Heaven and Earth] will start filming in mid March, all main characters, with the exception of Zhou Jie, will utilize fresh actors, [Xiao Yan Zi] Zhao Wei, [Zi Wei] Lin Xin Ru, [5 Ah Ge]Su You Peng will all be swapped out.

Qiong Yao: As stars become hot, they will run away
During our long distance phone interview with Qiong Yao, she denies that it was because of the unfortunate incidents that happened to Zhao Wei that she did not employ her, she laughed: 'Zhao Wei is just too busy, it has nothing to do with those incidents, I support Zhao Wei. (Are you refusing to wait for Zhao Wei due to the military flag incident?) No, Zhao Wei told me last month that she was not accepting this offer, to concentrate on movies. Of course, if she overcomes all odds and finds the time, we will give her first consideration, (as to Huan Zhu 3 excluding Su You Peng and Lin Xin Ru, is it because they both have been rumoured to have personal conflicts with you?), Not any more, we don't have conflicts, they just don't have the time for scheduling this. In fact, [Heaven and Earth] is a different story, it doesn't matter if old people are not there, new cast and new situations will create a fresh look, just like before with [Huan Zhu 1], discovering new talents is very gratifying, although they will move on afterwards, I'm used to it.'

Saving a spot for Gu Ju Ji
By now Qiong Yao has received over 200 resumes from both sides of the strait, and has picked over 50 finalists, although the cast is not firmed up yet, Qiong Yao actually has set her heart on Gu Ju Ji as the [5 Ah Ge] candidate, she laughingly said: ' I really haven't met any one of the finalists, and have yet to see their Qing Dynasty costume posts, so nothing is firm yet. But if Gu Ju Ji is willing to shave his head, [5 Ah Ge] is firmed up for him.'

As to being appointed official candidate for [5 Ah Ge], Gu Ju Ji expressed his joy: 'Days ago, Aunt (Qiong Yao) called to ask about this, and even allowed me time to mull over it. However, filming this serial will need about half a year and will need a shave, I have a May recording commitment, and still have an advertising contract, so even though Qiong Yao's production is tip top, since it involves contracting legalities, I must discuss it with my agent. According to Aunt, the 5 Ah Ge character is really great, and is pivotal to the whole serial, I'm very grateful for Aunt's commendation, but everything has to wait till after the negotiations.'

Li Xiang has a chance to be the new [Xiao Yan Zi]
Additionally, it was learned that Mainland TV hostess Li Xiang has a great chance of standing in for Zhao Wei to be the [Xiao Yan Zi] character, Qiong Yao expressed instead: ' I've seen Li Xiang's picture, she looks sweet and pretty, with a dimpled smile. She'll probably be part of the show, but not necessarily [Xiao Yan Zi], may be there will be other parts, to find someone for the [Xiao Yan Zi] part, I'll find someone different than Zhao Wei, don't want to creat an imitation of Zhao Wei. Although in [Huan Zhu 3], [Xiao Yan Zi] will be more mature, but I still think someone younger is better, best between 16 and 23 years old.'

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