New pairings click during family pix before plunging in filming

From: Hunan Financial and Television Net

Once shooting starts, the whole cast and crew will lose their personal freedom, in the span of four and a half months, everybody will be entering this semi-hermit stage, filming all hours of the days and nights, in the business, that's known as the 'plunge'. However, early in the morning of the 4th, our cast let it go for a while, cooperating with the publicity events of Huan Zhu III, they all costumed up, and gathered in the studio lot to shoot publicity posters.

Due to the fact that 5 Ah Ge - Gu Ju Ji, Zi Wei - Ma Yi Li, Zhi Hua - Qin Lan are first timers in Qing costume drama, shooting started with them being a little awkward and reserved, but everybody felt refreshing and excited. Gu Ju Ji continuously teased, saying he's Wei Xiao Bao trying to overthrow Qing Dynasty and return to Ming rule, later proclaiming his stick ornament on the headgear was an 'Antenna', signal was bad. Zi Wei Ge Ge was aumatized by the 3-inch flower pot shoes, always swaying, threatening to fall at any given moment. Zhi Hua Qin Lan seemed to get used to the Qing courtesan costume the fastest, but she would only turn to let her left face be filmed, since the pimple on her face hadn't totally disappeared yet.

Zi Wei Ma Yi Li and Er Kang Zhou Jie though also a new pairing, the depth of emotions between them was still very moving. Looks like our Mr. Er Kang really switched gears fast, forgetting Lin Xin Ru totally. Then it's Xiao Jian Huang Xiao Ming and Qing Ge Ge Wang Yan's turn. At first they seemed a little embarassed, but when the xiao and sword were being held in place in various poses, the two slowly found their 'feel'.

The last to appear was the serious head of the clan, Huang Ah Ma - Di Long, the Empress Dowager - Zhao Min Fen, the Empress - Jiang Li Li, Rong Mo Mo and Ling Fei Niang Niang, together with the younger, energetic pairs, created a lively, fulfilled and perfect family portrait.

The finished photos will be published into huge posters, to be displayed in the Beijing International Television week in May, and the Television Festival in Shanghai, audience throughout the country will be able to view them soon. (Hunan Financial and TV news "FUN 4 entertainment" reporter Zhu Yan, Tan Xiao Fa reporting from Beijing, edited by Smile)

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