As "Loyal Courtier of 3 dynasties" Zhou Jie answers to Qiong Yao's call The pay is whatever she wishes

From: Hunan Financial and Television Net

Looking at the Ge Ge family enthusiastically taking their family portrait, there are familiar faces, and brand new appearances, the feeling is harmonious. Among them, the most endearing for the Ge Ge fans would be one who hasn't shown his face since the costume shoot, Er Kang. Among the 4 main characters of Huan Zhu Ge Ge, only Zhou Jie kept his old post, truly a loyal courtier of 3 dynasties, so his opinion is to be valued, let's go ask him about his expectations for 'Heaven and Earth'.

Ever since he participated in the Huan Zhu Ge Ge series, handsome Zhou Jie has enjoyed fame and fortune. In the 5, 6 years after that series, Zhou Jie has become more and more famous, yet rumours also continuously troubled him. All along, he kept his cool and played it low-key. When confronted with reporter's questions and picture-taking, he laughingly said he's not used to this, hadn't been interviewed for a long while. But facing this reporter, Zhou Jie is still very truthful and frank, explaining all the rumours that started with his acceptance to film 'Huan Zhu 3'.

Zhou Jie: "It's been 3 years, I didn't think it was going to happen. Last year, Aunt Qiong Yao wanted me to wait, I didn't hesitate, yet it got delayed."

With the deep friendship created in 'Huan Zhu 1,2', and Aunt 's(Qiong Yao) earnest request, Zhou Jie of course would not think twice. The story is that all the other Huan Zhu original cast members, Zhao Wei, Su You Peng, Lin Xin Ru all agreed to participate, but due to all kinds of considerations, the filming of 'Huan Zhu 3' was delayed until now, the other actors couldn't wait and signed on other projects. Yet Zhou Jie had just finished 'She Diao Heroes Series', so he alone had become the loyal courtier of 3 dyansties. As to the rumour floating around that Zhou Jie was wavering due to money issues, Zhou Jie could only display a smirk.

Zhou Jie: "It's not as complicated as others think, I came as soon as Aunt needed me. When Aunt called me on the phone to discuss my pay, I only said : Sui Bian (whatever you wish)."

'Huan Zhu 3' is known as 'Heaven and Earth', for Er Kang, the difference is really heaven and earth, Zi Wei is a new Zi Wei, Yong Qi, Xiao Yan Zi have all changed. As to the new cast, Zhou Jie feels refreshing.

Zhou Jie: "It's great, my wife, my buddies have all undergone cosmetic surgery, Xiao Yan Zi also, well, may be I need to be a re-made Er Kang also."

Rumour is that, in 'Huan Zhu 3', Er Kang will have a challenging acting episode, but Zhou Jie abided by the rules and refused to say anything. He said he would try his best, to be a good loyal courtier of 3 dynasties.

(Hunan Financial and Television "FUN 4 entertainment" reporters Zhu Yan, Tan Xiao Fa reported from Beijing, Editor Smile)

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