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作者: 雲瀟 Yun Xiao on April 26, 2000 at 15:04:40:

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A translation of Xiong Rong's pasting of an interview of Zhou Jie by the "Milky Way Entertainment News" during filming of Young Bao Qing Tian.

A cooperated effort of Beijing Television Station, Beijing Television Arts Center, Guangzhou Pearl of the East Cultural Broadcasting Co. Ltd., the 40 episodes of Young Bao Qing Tian have been demanding attention from audiences
worldwide. The reason being, besides the fact that Bao Qing Tian is a well-known and adored personality for generations, the gusto of producing a story of his youth, creates a longing for the not-so-well-known side of his legend. Furthermore, the cast is also exceptional. Zhou Jie, who has become unequivocably popular due to the Huan Zhu Ge Ge TV series, plays Bao Qing Tian, Li Bing Bing, who is known as Lady of Thousand Faces plays the female lead Ling Cu Cu, the handsome young actor Ren Quan plays Bao's wise friend and advisor Gong Sun Ce, the young martial arts star Xi Xiao Long plays Bao's bodyguard Zhan Zhao, newcomer Liu Qing plays Pang Fei Yan, and the Master artist Chen
Dao Ming plays Ba Xian Wang, Hong Kong actress Cheng Pei Pei plays Bao's mother, another well-known actor, Wang Hui Chun, plays Premier Pong, all these talented artists give the series a solid foundation for success.
In mid-March, as soon as the series has stopped filming, it has sold for the high price of RMB$500,000 per episode, by early May, it will be shown on over 480 television stations worldwide.

The series consists of matching of wits and might, both verbally and mentally, wrenching conflicts of life and death and love, the audience will have to enjoy all the moving moments. Here, the reporter will add a few preludes
to this series.

Zhou Jie Make Over

Do you know how handsome, romantic, faithful to his love and commitments Er Kang, who has become everyone's ideal lover, will look like after a complete make over? Just follow me to the filming location of Young Bao Qing Tian,
to get a taste of Bao Zheng's (Bao Qing Tian's real name) wit and bravery, and appreciate the art of Zhou Jie.

Zhou Jie (ZJ): Let's change a format for today's interview, I'll start first. First of all, I want to thank the readers of "Milky Way Entertainment News", who have really cared for me, and the whole editorial staff for their support. You can ask any questions you like today, I'll have an answer for you no matter what.
Reporter (R): I'm representing the readers of "Milky Way Entertainment News" today. Since you are so candid, I'll ask whatever comes to my mind. From a beloved young, handsome romantic lead to a young man with a dark face,
aren't you afraid of spoiling your image?
ZJ: Bao Gong (the revered way of addressing Bao Zheng) is the pride and joy of the Chinese people. He has always been worshipped and adored throughout the ages. I'm fortunate enough to play this character, it's really my greatest glory, because Bao Gong is everyone's idol. Besides, in this series, the audience is going to see a totally revamped image of Bao Zheng. His outlook
is darker than an average person, but not as dark as the bottom of a wok, just a dark reddish-brown. I like this modern, mod look. The costumes are especially elaborate and the colors are pretty special, very suitable for a healthy, lively, ambitious Young Bao Zheng.
R: Now that the 40 episodes are finished, are you satisfied with your own performance?
ZJ: I think it's OK.
R: What do you mean by OK?
ZJ: To judge is not my right, the audience holds the score cards. The audience is the real judge. When I said OK, I meant I did my best in the whole production sequence. I've rejected a lot of ludicrous offers to play Bao Gong, the artistic image and his charismatic personality really attract me. Ever since I was small, my parents told me stories of Bao Gong. As I became an actor, I've thought
if I could play Bao Gong, it would be just great! Now my dream has come true, I am elated. For this series, I did a lot of desk work, I read over 10 books about Bao Gong.
R: Mr. Jin Chao Qun played Bao Gong in over 200 episodes, and was well liked by the audience. Now that you play a younger Bao Gong, do you feel a lot of pressure?
ZJ: There is definitely pressure, but it also pleases me, because I play a YOUNGER Bao Gong. There is no point of reference for me, and it presents a huge challenge. This challenge forces me to take a non-trodden path, to create a unique, brand new image of Bao Gong for the audience.
R: Can you qualify that?
ZJ: I want mostly to break the mold of a very series, unapproachable image of Bao Gong that exists in people's mind. I don't think being not series affects his righteousness, especially for a young man who has limited life experiences. Human nature will play a bigger role in daily life. Therefore, besides displaying the steadfast righteousness, the fearlessness of autocratic pressure, these unique qualities of his personality, I also try my best to show his lovable, naive instincts. For example, acting like a kid in front of his mother, play dumb, acting like an average person.
R: What is the happiest experience for you in this series?
ZJ: The happiest thing for me is acting. To act and work with Master Chen Dao Ming, Cheng Pei Pei, Wang Hui Chun, all these well-known and respected artists and to learn a lot from them, make me very happy. It's also pleasant to work with Li Bing Bing, Ren Quan, Liu Qing, who are of my generation and age. And smart little Xi Xiao Long, this kid is so clever, so worldly and cute, expecially his interpretation of the character, it's just right.
His every move makes people love him more. Everyone in the series treats him like a little brother. In a warm family environment, you feel like you don't want to go home.
R: Then in real life, do you have any regrets? For example, you are at the age of starting a family, but you are still single, do you feel lonely behind the facade of success?
ZJ: I think I feel a lot of happiness in the series. I'm obsessed with acting, therefore, I really rarely think about what you just said. There are still a lot of characters I wish to play, I hope in my limited artistic
life to try and play all kinds of different characters. Historical figures like Yue Fei (Song Dynasty patriotic general), Qu Yuan (another patriotic hero), I want to try my best to sculpt these characters. Of course, I also
long for a fulfilling love life, a true romance, dating in sentimental environment, it's a kind of beauty. But for now, may be it's destiny, and I really do not have time, I can't even enjoy my family's love, let alone romantic
love. For example, during New Year's, I especially wanted to return home to my parents, eat a home-cooked meal, but I lost that right, I don't have my own time anymore.

The Meeting of Foes

Ren Quan and Li Bing Bing were classmates for 4 years at the Shanghai Performing Arts College. They were also outstanding students in class. Teachers and classmates all have great hopes for both of them becoming a couple. But
nothing ever happened. Counting Young Bao Qing Tian, this is the fourth time both of them have worked together. Although they flirt in character, there is nothing much happening outside of acting. Li Bing Bing plays Ling
Cu Cu, a beautiful and capable martial aritst who has lived through a lot of hardship in life, yet generous and helpful. She was always there to rescue him when Bao Zheng gets into dangerous situations. Yet in love, she loves the seemingly non-feeling yet kind and brave Bao Zheng, but she
also does not know what to do with romantic advances from the witty, articulate, handsome and humorous Gong Sun Ce. Bing Bing said, to be playing such a complicated emotional role is a great challenge for her. Reporter asked her if in real life, it's the same case with Zhou Jie and Ren Quan? She smiled broadly: "Although ZJ and myself are both working for the Chinese Experimental Playhouse, we have never worked together before. Normally we are each busy with our lives and have very little contact, also don't
know each other well. This time, working together for the first time, the feeling is amicable. ZJ is a very serious character when it comes to work, he also likes a showdown of ability but it's never personal. I feel that is great for character development.
R: What about Ren Quan? Bing Bing smiled again: " You, you keep trying to trick me...I'll tell you , there will never be anything between Ren Quan and I." Why? I asked. Bing Bing said: " We know each other too well, there are no feelings. May be because we've tasted it all while in character." She made a face: "Quan's acting is really good, go see for yourself"
In a shooting sequence, Bao Zheng was running around, but Gong Sun Ce was sitting calmly in a chair, watching it all coolly. As soon as the director yelled cut, I rushed to ask Ren Quan - in the legend, Gong Sun Ce worshipped Bao Zheng, always following him to provide advise, why did he acted like he really didn't think much about Bao in the drama sequence? Was it because you were fighting over Li Bing Bing? Ren Quan striked me hard with his fist: " You watched too many Chinese operas! The real Bao Zheng came from a poor family, yet Gong Sun Ce came from an official's family, his father was a local judge. He studied the classics since he was young, and became very learned, of course, he's not going to think much of Bao Zheng. In the
scene you just saw, Gong was trying to test how knowlegeable is Bao Zheng.
He asked Bao to look for 5 strings of beads that he has hidden according to the five elements (wu xing) in the time of smoking a sack of tobacco. Of course, Bao Zheng discovered all the beads and that started their life-long
friendship and mutual respect." Wow, the story gets pretty complicated. "That's it," said Ren Quan: "Before, when we watched Jin Chao Chun's Bao Qing Tian, there is a lot of courtroom and stage-drama feel. But our version of Bao Gong stress the detective aspect of the story, the structure is tightly knit and climatic, a lot of chain reactions that are intriguing." Ren Quan stopped and looked around: " To work with Zhou Jie is too tiring." I was shocked and asked why. Ren Quan said " Don't misunderstand me. You know, both ZJ and myself graduated from Shanghai Performing Arts College. He graduated a few years earlier, but acting together, this is our first. I didn't really know him as a person. But I didn't think that my older classmate has such a good mind, huge paragraphs of script he just handled it and always
at one take. He shows off, we can't slack behind, so during and outside of performance, we can't let up, so you say, isn't it tiring?" I grasped the opportunity and asked, it's probably not just that, there is something
between you, ZJ and Bing Bing, right? Upon my question, Ren Quan laughed:
" It's really weird, Bing Bing and I seem to be always running into each other (meeting of foes). It's a big world, a lot of drama series, but we always get together in the same series, is it really pre-destined?" I said, why don't you go ask Bing Bing. Ren Quan shaked his head and smiled.

(more about Xi Xiao Long and Liu Qing, not recorded)

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